Data streaming as a service

Make any REST API streamable, event-driven and ready to be consumed for your applications


Streaming data for real-time applications

Building real-time applications is complex and hard problem to solve and scale, and most of APIs are not ready for this kind of application.

StreamKit helps you as a developer to deliver, in a secure and fast pace, high amounts of data to your clients.


Automatically store and process historical data

Collect and process data about past events. Streamkit will store events to be easily consumed from our API.

Data sciences and engineers could process events and historical data directly from the Streamkit Rest API or use our Javascript library available for Node.js and modern browsers.


Make legacy APIs ready for event-driven applications with StreamKit

Most legacy APIs or Web Services are not event-driven. Streamkit will consume any endpoint and it polls and publish event streams for your applications.

Choose the best plan for your needs and Streamkit will scale your events streams.

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How it works

Streamkit is made by developers for developers.

We currently support NodeJS and our CLI can be used anywhere. More clients are under heavy development but our API is so easy to use that it will takes you minutes to code a custom client for your apps.


$0 /month

Great for personal projects, hobbists and experiments.

  • Create 1 free stream
  • 100 events of historical data
  • 30 seconds polling
  • 1000 requests per day
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